20 facts about me

Some quick facts about this faceless blogger. If you are reading this, why don’t you comment below and let me know 20 facts about yourself? Let’s get the chain building!

1. I have no middle name. I am thankful for that. My name is already 22 letters long! Phew!

2. I am vegetarian and dislike having oily stuff. Makes me sick. Kind of like a personal in-built heath check mechanism. Isn’t that awesome?!

3. I absolutely lurve cheese!!! You know those cheese platters you get when you go wine tasting? Aaah…pure bliss!

4. I am the only child of my parents. And that has his upsides. More love, more attention (oh that’s good when you’re growing up) and more sincere care. Family is wonderful if you think about it.

5. I’ve never been camping! Will I like staying in tents? Oh yes! Always wanted to do that since I was little. Take me camping, someone!

6. I am excessively passionate about x number of things. I either passionately like something, or I totally ignore it. There, somehow, doesn’t seem to be a middle ground in my world.

7. I just had a cupcake eating challenge, so I am currently sick and tired of cupcakes. But that doesn’t mean I won’t try and take a bite off some yummy looking cupcakes in the near future.

8. People who aren’t kind to animals rank really low in my “good books.” Cuz really, what’s not to love about animals?!

9. I have got to travel on my birthday. No one can get me to stay where I am during that time of the year. My day – my rules 😉

10. I am a Twitter and Pinterest addict. These are the two social media sites I think are worth being active on. Unless of course you’re more of a LinkedIn sort of a person.

11. I hate “lol” or “lulz” or any of its relatives. If you are laughing, just laugh out loud for real!

12. I hate those older men with balding heads and potbellies staring at you as if you’re just going to turn around and fall in love with them. Seriously! That ain’t really going to happen, Sir.

13. I love learning new languages and I am currently crushing heavily on Spanish. Bueno, isn’t it?

14. People who have no clue how to respect elders are seriously a burden on the planet. Just jump off the edge, won’t you?

15. I love books and get a kick out of taking those reading challenges on Goodreads. I’ve never completed any challenge thus far though. But hey, maybe this year?

16. My favourite tipple? Can be anything from a cup of warm ginger tea to a glass of Cabernet. It has to be smooth,  or how are you going to get good dreams at all?

17. I personally have nothing against serpents. Bit unfortunately, they seem to give me the creeps. So, if you have a python as your pet, please – you can’t visit!

18. Beautiful sceneries take my breath away. Make me work in the midst of greenery, and I could go on forever without a break. Nature…You have no parallel!

19. I don’t believe in ghosts or monsters under the bed. But if you guys exist, we can always co-exist, eh? 

20. I could listen to soft Asian music all the time. Music that soothes my senses? I could get addicted to it.

Try it sometime. Works wonders for your mood!


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